Restock Tips

I announce restock dates/times on social media, and in the email newsletter. All pieces are published at once.

Apple Pay, or an account on my site via the Shop app will help you checkout faster! Download the Shop App (powered by Shopify) and save your email, shipping address, and payment info. This will link to your account on my site and preload your payment info when checking out.

I will post previews to my Instagram Story on restock day. The site will go live at the announced time.

The easiest way to get the piece you want is to go to the site and refresh until publish time. You can search by name as well.

* Things may go quickly, but please try to read item descriptions, especially if a piece is marked DISCOUNTED. *

A discounted piece is a fully functional piece with aesthetic flaws that don't meet my regular standards. I will never sell something that can't be used.

Having something in your cart does not save it for you! If you want multiple items, I recommend checking out one at a time. Apple Pay is the quickest checkout method.

Shipping is calculated at checkout. I do my best to combine shipping and refund overages, however I reserve the right to ship separately based on weight or delicacy of product. 

If your piece has silver or gold, it is NOT microwave safe. I will list this in the item description.