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DISCOUNTED Martian Celestial 15oz

DISCOUNTED Martian Celestial 15oz

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*THIS MUG IS NOT MICROWAVE SAFE DUE TO METALLIC ELEMENTS* This mug was thrown on the wheel with stoneware. It is handmade and handled, with food safe glazes applied. It is discounted due to a bit of a messy paint job on the metallic elements. :) Please note: while sanded for smoothness, speckled clay still retains some rough texture. It has been sanded smooth for touch, so as to not damage countertops!

  • Dishwasher safe, but hand washing is highly recommended to ensure longevity!


Thrown on the wheel with stoneware and fired to vitrification. Food safe glazes applied

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All pottery is fragile and should be handled delicately. Your piece is dishwasher/microwave safe, but handwashing is recommended for longevity. *IF YOUR PIECE HAS GOLD/SILVER ELEMENTS, IT IS NOT MICROWAVE SAFE*

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